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Gapz.™ is taking momentum trading to a whole new level, our AI powered low float & OTC market scanners will give you an undeniable market edge. An edge that retail & professional traders refer to as the ‘Holy Grail’ of market timing opportunity.

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#APVO Momentum Alerts

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SGOC | 366%

WSRC | 364%

AAME | 360%

EVAX | 345%

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BKKT | 335%

VRPX | 305%

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Gapz.™ Discord


Free Forever.

  • 5 Minute Delay On Alerts.
  • Access To Free Community Channels.
  • Real-Time Alerts.
  • Access To Website Alert Panel.
  • Text To Speech Audio Alert System.
  • Access To Filtering System.

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How can anyone deny the momentum alerts here, at Gapz do not print cash?? ANPC this morning got caught by the momentum alerts on a bounce off VWAP. Perfect entry. This is money in the bank people. 90% runner tagged and bagged!!

2nd November | 8:14am

Profile Image
Karan Dulay


Today was my second day trading and I have no previous background in day trading. I was able to make $400, this was with the help of the Gapz Team, the YouTube Videos they provided and all their assistance. Best decision made was to go pro.

29th October | 12:54pm

Profile Image
Silas Wiggin


I work in finance in the city of London. This group is fire with a top algorithm with momentum alerts and, buy and sell signals. In the competitive world of trading Gapz is the best solution I have come across and provides the support which will allow anyone to trade consistently and profitably.

27th October | 3:29pm

Profile Image
Trading Hall


Thanks, Gapz!! Bought into HILI at 10.50 and sold at 13.30. Almost 30% in 10 minutes using the scanner and other Trading View indicators that @Nikola Tesla & @Sundown Devil referred me too. Great community here.

25th October | 11:18am

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Pear Dice


20 minutes into pre market and Gapz already found a 100% runner! Only system that scans the market the entire 16 Hours it is open!!!

23rd October | 6:22pm

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Johnny Ted


This community is simply leigt and awesome! Gapz definitely works. If you are hesitant on signing up, I strongly urge you to give it a try. You will be amazed by what you can achieve with Gapz assistance

21st October | 8:29pm

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Was able to get on this morning for open and played that great catalyst on BCTX. Had multiple in's and outs but my big gainers were in at 6.85 and 7.04 and selling half at 8.19, 8.31 and the other half out of the 3rd halt (immediately) at 8.63. Best gains I've gotten. Thanks Gapz

15th October | 8:14am

Profile Image
Flyer Briere


Got in after the chats mentioned DPW last week and then it hit the Momentum Scanner!! Thanks to the community and alerts I am +$4,000!!

14th October | 12:54pm

Profile Image


Great service! One trade already paid for the cost of premium membership. The momentum alerts alone pay for the premium membership with just one trade, Will use this in conjunction with my own trading, Thanks Gapz.

14th October | 3:29pm

Profile Image


Excellent service provided here, I made $2,100 my first week. I will obviously keep using this service. I have been on several discord channels over the past year and some of them were particularly good, however this is hands down the best trading channel I have come across especially with the knowledge of this team and the premium scanner. I appreciate the service you all provide; it is top notch.

12th October | 11:18am

Profile Image


Thank you, Gapz for Christmas gifts!!! AMTX in @ 3.79 and out @ 4.02 total 800 shares, quite early out before algo but profit is profit!!! Momentum alerts with news + Algo then calling by scanner!!! always printing our money!!! Total, earning USD238 within 3min.

8th October | 6:22pm

Profile Image


Joined a few days ago and after playing with paper money I made my first big move today in LMNL off the Momentum Alerts. In at 4.88 out at 6.69. Thank you!!

8th October | 8:29pm

Momentum Alert - Stocks that are gaining momentum but do not have a catalyst (news), potential to run but have a higher risk.

Momentum Alert W/Catalyst - Stocks that are gaining momentum that do have a catalyst (news), more potential to run with lower risk.

Volume Surge Alerts - Stocks with a catalyst (news) that are gaining some SERIOUS volume and momentum. Largest potential runners with low risk.

Stocks that go parabolic usually do so with strong press releases, news articles or earnings reports that generate FOMO (fear of missing out) which creates demand. If a stock has any of the above you will see it here.

If you are a new trader we suggest that you only look at taking potential positions in stocks with a catalyst as these stocks have a higher chance of larger safer moves.

The total percentage that the stocks price has increased since the first alert of each type.

Some alerts carry more risk than others, we suggest that new traders stick to the lower & lowest risk alerts. You can filter the alerts to only show the risk level you are comfortable with. The levels are as follows :

- Higher risk, if you decide to open a position make sure it is only a starter (small share size) if you are an inexperienced trader do not act on these alerts.

- Medium risk, potential to open a starter position with more confidence, or add shares to an already established position and then start locking in small profits.

- Lower risk, potential to open a starter position with much higher levels of confidence. If you have a position which has just changed to the ‘green’ risk level then start to look at locking in small profits.

- Lowest risk, potential to open a larger starter position with maximum confidence. Stocks with our lowest risk level are seeing huge amounts of buying pressure. If you already have a position, always look to continuously secure profits.

We strongly suggest that our pro users lock in small profits when a stock is running. This enables proper risk management, less emotion and higher chances of success.

Example 1 [Stock A] runs from $5 - 10 that is a 100% gain, if you lock in small 5% profits your only at risk of losing one 5% trade once the move is over giving you a potential 80-90% gain.

Example 2 [Stock A] runs from $5 - 10 that is a 100% gain, if you don’t lock in the small trades you are at risk of watching your profit vanish before your eyes once the stock loses steam at $10, you get emotional, stay in even longer and end up in the red.

Example 1 is the clear winning strategy.

Stock supply levels are a simple calculation of a stocks total float and shares outstanding, the lower the float and shares outstanding the higher the potential for a large run due to a supply/demand imbalance.

20m + Float & 10m + Shares Outstanding.

10 - 20m Float & 10m + Shares Outstanding.

Under 10m Float & 10m + Shares Outstanding.

Under 10m Float & Under 10m Shares Outstanding.

Under 5m Float & Under 5m Shares Outstanding.