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Gappers Guide

All you need to
get started trading.

How to trade low float runners before they even walk. As easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Finding a Runner

The absolute easiest way to find potential parabolic runners is to utilize the power of Gapz Premium. We utilize 3 customized tools to do this:

- Custom scripted Momentum Alerts that fire through our Discord server

- Custom scripted Volume Surge Alerts that fire through our Discord server

- Finely tuned Trade Ideas Scanner that streams through our website.

All of these tools are built for low float (i.e. high gap potential) stocks. From there we wait for a catalyst (some type of news) to hit the wire. If it is a strong catalyst and volume comes in, we will know within SECONDS via these alerts and look for an entry.

We have built our momentum alerts to fire as soon as these tickers start a potential run. We have built our volume surge alerts to fire once a ticker shows a sustained increase in momentum. Both of these tools have been coded to first with the catalyst headline in the alert, so you literally have all the information you need in one spot!

Step 2: Entering a Runner

Once you get an alert signal from any of the of the methods mentioned in Step 1, check the news channel in our Discord and see if the stock has had a headline which is positive enough to create the demand (not needed if the alert was an alert with a catalyst). If the catalyst is strong, and volume is coming in, take a small position.

Once you have a position closely monitor the price action and the volume coming in. If the position is gaining quickly and the price is moving strongly, you might want to average up to a larger position. From here you just watch and wait until you’re ready to exit. Speaking of exiting...

Step 3: Exiting a Runner & Securing Profits!

To find the perfect exit, that is where our AIO (All-in-One) Momentum Algorithm is an absolute must, it is without a shadow of a doubt the most useful tool we have ever developed and deployed into our trading strategy.

Once you have found your runner (Step 1) and entered your position (Step 2), here is where the AIO Algo shines. You simply follow along on the chart until you see the red sell signal from the algorithm. This is a key sign that the pump is over, and the dump is beginning!

When looking for an entry or exit position outside of our alert system, we recommend the following:

- If the daily volume is UNDER 1 million shares traded we recommend following signals on the 1-minute chart.

- If the daily volume is OVER 1 million shares traded, we recommend following signals on the 3 minute or 5-minute chart.

- When volume is extremely significant, over 10 million shares you will want to look for a confluence in signals across multiple time frames.


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