Unmatched accuracy, Unbeatable speed, Unlimited potential.

Gapz.™ is taking momentum trading to a whole new level, our AI powered low float & OTC market scanners will give you an undeniable market edge. An edge that retail & professional traders refer to as the ‘Holy Grail’ of market timing opportunity.

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Gapz Hero Image

Gapz.™ recently alerted stocks

SGRP | 98.38%

EVK | 98.1%

CRVS | 97.61%

MDMP | 97.16%

PXS | 97.15%

PBTS | 95.35%

BSSP | 94.74%

INVO | 94.44%

MRES | 94.09%

BLIN | 93.99%

Low float momentum scanner


Low float momentum scanner

Our low float momentum scanner is continuously scanning stocks which have a float of under 50 million shares. Why under 50 million shares? Supply (float) & Demand (catalyst). One of the many aspects that makes Gapz™ so powerful is that we pair news (catalysts) with momentum giving you the ability to see exactly what is causing the demand vs supply imbalance which is causing the upwards momentum.

OTC momentum scanner.

No Time Limitations

OTC momentum scanner.

Similar to our low float momentum scanner but this time Gapz™ is tracking OTC Market & Pink Sheet stocks which have a float of under 10 million shares. The reason why we have a lower float threshold for OTC Market & Pink Sheet stocks is to significantly reduce ‘noise’. These types of stocks carry a higher risk than our low float counterparts, however our Momentum Meter™ makes it easy to determine which alerts are worth paying attention to.

No Time Limitations

Simple but mightily effective filters

No Configuration Required

Simple but mightily effective filters

Unlike our competitors we aim for Simplicity, Accuracy & Ease of use, we do not believe that stock scanners should consist of thousands of complicated filters & settings therefore Gapz™ has only three. Lets start with our Momentum Meter™, this AI powered graphic is able to predict with 90% accuracy which stocks have the highest potential of a large spike in both volume & price. We recommend that inexperienced traders filter out stocks with a low Momentum Meter™ score. Filters two and three make it easy for you to filter alerts by ticker and by percentage gained.

Gapz™ low float alerts visualized

Why Low Float?

Gapz™ low float alerts visualized

Here is an example of a recently alerted low float stock stock and a demonstration of where & when the Gapz™ Scanner alerts would actually appear on the chart so you can visualize the power of the system. The ticker here is $SCPS (NASDAQ) which first appeared on our scanner at 9:51am at a price of $8.20, 50 minutes later and $SCPS hit a peak price of $19.95 which would have netted a potential gain of 150%. $SCPS had a Momentum Meter™ score of ‘High’ as soon as it started alerting.

Why Low Float?

Gapz™ OTC alerts visualized

Lightning Fast News

Gapz™ OTC alerts visualized

Our next example is a recently alerted OTC Markets stock and a demonstration of where & when the Gapz™ Scanner alerts would actually appear on the chart so you can appreciate just how fast OTC Market stocks can move & how early they are picked up by our algorithms. The ticker here is $BSEG (OTC Markets) which first appeared on our scanner at 9:32am at a price of $0.14, 3 minutes later and $SCPS hit a peak price of $0.42 which would have netted a potential gain of over 200% in just 3 short minutes. $BSEG had a Momentum Meter™ score of ‘High’ as soon as it started alerting.

Gapz™ TradingView algo

Lightning Fast News

Gapz™ TradingView algo

We noticed that some of our clients struggled a little with profit taking and/or closing positions. We came up with a solution that allows you to fully visualize our Gapz™ Alerts on screen along with some helpful graphics. You will be able to see the absolute best potential entries, profit targets, caution alerts when a candle fails to make a new high (showing a slow down of momentum) and pullback alerts for when an area of support is broken and it’s time to safely exit. All Gapz™ users will be able to request access to the algo however there are some things that you will need such as : TradingView account with a Pro subscription and NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE & OTC market data addons.

Lightning Fast News
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  • Multiple 20-200%+ gaining stocks alerted daily.
  • Higher accuracy than any other platform.
  • Simple alert filter system that actually benefits user experience.
  • Actively scanning for all market trading hours 4am - 8pm.
  • Simple but effective text to speech audio alert system.
  • Pairing catalysts (news) to momentum to understand why a stock is moving.
  • AI Powered momentum meter which shows how likely the stock is to rise further.
  • Over trading prevention, when no stocks are worth trading, nothing will be alerted.
Other stock scanners
  • Hard to pick winning trades due to excessive noise.
  • Very low accuracy even after spending hours to configure.
  • Thousands of unnecessary filters & settings.
  • Clunky audio alerts that cause confusion.
  • Only active from 7am onwards.
  • No pairing of news resulting in extra subscription costs.
  • No way to determine which stocks are actually going to gain.
  • High risk of over trading due to stocks with no potential been alerted.

Gapz.™ scans the following markets

NYSE American
OTC Markets


Paid for my subscription for the year, in a day.


I just started the free trial on Tuesday. Took my first trade Wednesday morning and made a couple hundred on a conservative entry and exit. Overly excited to see the potential! I have already made the subscription amount on my first day. This setup has an edge over anything else I have tried, since started beginning of 2020. I will definitely continue after the free trial is up.


Pocketed $600 today on SPI early morning.


We already nailed it this morning! $4.82 to $8.70!


How can anyone deny the momentum alerts here, at Gapz do not print cash?? ANPC this morning got caught by the momentum alerts on a bounce off VWAP. Perfect entry. This is money in the bank people. 90% runner tagged and bagged!!


$1000 in ONE hour… These guys are incredible.


ANCN from the Alert Panel. On point in 4.3 and out 5.3!


ANCN & OCX by scanner & algo. money printing!!! today earning: $1103.19 just within 1hour happened!!


20% gain on AEMD pre-market


Alert brought in a 60% winner for me, but close to a 100% for the server! These Momentum Alerts are AMAZING!!!


Today was my second day trading and I have no previous background in day trading. I was able to make $400, this was with the help of the Gapz Team, the YouTube Videos they provided and all their assistance. Best decision made was to go premium.


The Momentum alerts caught a monster yesterday right after AH. SQFT was caught at 3.9 and it ended up rocketing up to over $8!!!!!!!!!! Unreal. This is why the Gapz alerts are so valuable. It is hard to spot a play like this on your own. From the alert this was an easy 100% + winner!!


Watched the alerts, took out all my money and now rising on house money because of the alerts… just awesomeness


Check out CURO on the Gapz Alerts!! Caught at 9.3 this thing has run up over 16$ now!!!!!


Its not only about the solid alerts, but the solid community as well, thanks to @Odin, I made an easy 15% on his call on SGBX before anyone else. Kudos Gapz!


First day back after a few months of no trading. Just getting my feet wet at GRNQ easy 10%. Kudos to @Reckless for helping. This team is, simply awesome!


BCDA 76% Profit!!


18% quick pop on ARS thanks Gapz!

@Mortimer Duke

260% up for the day on my account. Small profits add up


I work in finance in the city of London. This group is fire with a top algorithm with momentum alerts and, buy and sell signals. In the competitive world of trading Gapz is the best solution I have come across and provides the support which will allow anyone to trade consistently and profitably.


Got to give a shout out to @Juzzy @Odin for some amazing calls. Made $1300 in 24 hrs on LAZR just to name one. You guys are awesome. Highly recommend their whole group


Great service! One trade already paid for the cost of premium membership. The momentum alerts alone pay for the premium membership with just one trade, Will use this in conjunction with my own trading, Thanks Gapz.


Excellent service provided here, I made $2,100 my first week on trial subscription. I will obviously keep using this service. I have been on several discord channels over the past year and some of them were particularly good, however this is hands down the best trading channel I have come across especially with the knowledge of this team and the premium scanner. I appreciate the service you all provide; it is top notch.


NAOV alerted at .88 and runs up almost 100% on the first handful of alerts. Gapz is helping its members print money.